Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Math Never Fails

Once again, I have to say, "Math never fails".
I have enjoyed today's lesson tremendously.
I enjoyed working with my course mates, exploring, attempting, suggesting ideas and solutions to the Math problems.
It is definitely fun and
it definitely makes the long course hours not that long and/or unbearable.

From the Lesson...
I know something from my past experience with teaching Math but...
I'm not so sure...
but today's lesson allow me to gain deeper insight and gain better understanding that can put what I know to words on how we could actually teach 'Math'.

I know from my experience that explaining don't work, it’s depressing to attempt to explain the steps or methods over and over again and in the end all you receive is a class of children with blank looks on their faces. Today Dr. Yeap explanation has sheer some lights for me.

He said "Don't try to explain, explanation is not appropriate for young children. It is actually higher level of learning and should be done last. It does not really help children to learn and normally the ones that nodded their head in agreedments are the ones that already understand."

My take away from today's lesson:
There are different forms of teaching or rather steps to teaching.

1) Teaching by modelling
Teacher actually demonstrates the steps or solution. This is for teaching new concept
to children or for children who has yet to completely grasp the basic concept and needs a little more
help. By modelling, we are actually providing the necessary guide and assurance.

2) Teaching by scaffolding
Teacher actually prompts children with questions. The questions could serve as a guide to
direct the children as take work towards the solution.

3) Teaching by providing the opportunity
Once children are good and capable, teacher will provide the necessary opportunity for children to
conduct self-exploration where they can applied their learning, skills and prior knowledge.
It is basically just getting the children to do it!


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