Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reflection From My Reading of Chapter 1 and 2

I particularly like a statement and hold the same believe as was mentioned in the book, where it
stated that "students learn about mathematics depends almost entirely on the experience
that teachers provide every day in the classroom." (Van De Walle, Karp, Bay-Williams, 2013, p.3)

From my experiences gained from teaching, I believe that the best way to
bring a concept across to young children is not how well you explain or
teaches a concept but rather how well a teacher create opportunities for
children to explore and applied the concept. And from their exploration
highlight the learning point to the children. Children learns better from
hands-on and they understand better from their experiences, just like us.
Our experiences are the best teacher and learning opportunity for us.

Math is definitely not a theoretical subject, it should not consist mainly
words or the copying of steps written on the board by the teacher.

It is a subject that requires self exploration, it requires self application to
gain understanding.

For the child who could not understand why 1 + 1 is 2 then do something
that really affect him. Take away 1 of his favourite toys for two consecutive
days and asked him how many of his favourite toys have you taken. 
(I'm just kidding!)


Give him a sticker for two consecutive days and asked him to count the
number of stickers he has.

Minus the abstract and add in the concrete for them to be able to visualize and feel.

Math in My Life

My relationship with Math
I enjoyed math, I would say from young. I think mainly because I am truly
not much of a language person. If I need to be at least something than I
would say I am a Math person.
Since young I have not much issue with math though not always the first in
class but definitely a subject that I can always count on.
It has never failed me.
I like the idea of applying the appropriate strategies to solve a problem
and I like the process of burying my whole self into solving a sum or two.
I like the feeling of being totally engaged in something;
The satisfaction of obtaining the solution to the problems;
The feeling of accomplishment is...

I would say 'Absolutely Wonderful'.

At least it helps to will away the boring hours in school.
When I am working on the math problems;
Everything seems to be at a standstill.
Everything seems not to matter.

Math! At least it makes more sense to me than English, which does not even have a definite rule.
But for math, 1 + 1 will definitely be 2, regardless of what others say,
I can count on that!

My Experience with Teaching Math
Have you ever encounter teaching Math to a student who just could not
understand why 1 + 1 is equal to 2, no matter how hard you tried, even with
the use of concrete object such as 'sweet', 'cookies', 'toys' etc.
You name it I believed I had used it.

Well, I met one such student and it almost did me in.

Though I enjoy mathematics and am good in it but I realised that it does
not necessary makes me a good teacher to teach mathematics.
Yes, I have inspired many students to like and enjoy mathematics,
Yes, I have encouraged many to persist on even when they feel like giving up.
Yes, I have taught many students and guide them to solve challenging sums.
But I realised that the most difficult is teaching the simplest, the most basic
concept of math.

I'm looking forward to this module!